About us

We don’t have a style — we have standards

About Mpikoko

About Mpikoko HD Productions
We are driven by the passion. Our joy is the joy of our clients.
Our Photography passion has made us travel the Southern Africa making relationships with different people on different regions. We have gained trust in small, medium and big corporates across. We have ongoing contracts with clients.
What we enjoy more than anything is to see our happy client's coming back to us for their different events.
Our team is formed of young people who are passionate about photography.in our qualification portolio we have IT profetionals,Accounting professionals and Photography professionals.The love for photography brought us together.We call ourselves the colors of the peacock.
While some of us are full time photographers some are part time photographers 
What We Do

We do what we do because we love what we do.We do Photography and Videography.We Travel all over the country to fulfill our passion. We have no borders, we go anywhere the client wants us to go.

Our Team

Guyborn Ndlovu
Guyborn Ndlovu
Founder and Photographer


We provide some of the most professional services in the industry.
We take high definition pictures for weddings and events. Our packages a customized. We don't tell you how your event should be photographed. We let you tell us what you need and we are the machinery to produce what you need.With us you design your own packages. 
To complement our photography we also provide an option to top up with the video for your event. And we keep to our belief that you are the director of your events and we are the machine to produce what you need. We also give advise based on our experience to make your event recording even more appealing for many years to come.